asbestos inspections

Asbestos Inspections and Assessments

If your home was built before 1987, it may contain asbestos in a number of areas. While it isn’t dangerous if left alone, any disturbance, damage or deterioration (such as from weather, home renovations or simple accidents) may cause fibres to be released into the air.

building inspector dilapidation inspections

Dilapidation Inspections

Cut off unnecessary complaints, arguments and disputes with neighbours before they start – contact Neil to book a Dilapidation Report before starting any major work on your property.

Expert Witness, OFT & NCAT Reports

With nearly 50 years in the building industry (and almost 30 of those providing building inspections across the NSW South Coast, Southern Highlands, Goulburn and southern Sydney), Neil Wallace has the experience, professionalism and real-world knowledge to provide the best assessment to resolve your building disputes.

building inspector pre purchase pre sale inspections

Pre-Purchase & Pre-Sale Inspections

Buying? Or Selling? With property prices increasing (and no end in sight), property buyers need to get the most value for their hard earned savings. Book a pre-purchase inspection and ensure you avoid a money trap!

trip hazard in paved area of residential strata property

Risk Assessment & WHS Inspections

As the owner, you’re responsible for any potential hazards around your property. Rather than risk insurance claims, disputes and lawsuits, book a Risk Assessment and WH&S Inspection with Neil Wallace today to get a clear report of any problems that may exist.

Swimming Pool Compliance Inspections

Whether you’re wanting to sell or lease your property, you’ll need to be sure that sparkling pool out the back is compliant with Australian safety regulations before you can use it as a selling point.


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