Prior to committing to purchasing a property, it is advisable to know the true condition of the structures on that property, site drainage, paving, and landscaping.

Pre-Sale Inspections are beneficial for the vendor, particularly when the property is being offered for sale by way of an auction. The reports are made available to prospective purchasers. The report can be used as a selling tool, negating the possibility of a number of different inspections by the interested parties which may be conflicting.

Our Pre-Purchase and Pre-Sale Property Inspections and Reports cover all accessible areas of the structures. The inspections and reports are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.1 – 2007, and the Office of Fair Trading guidelines for building inspections. These guidelines form the basis of our Quality Assurance and Management process.

The turn around time for reports is usually within 48 hours, subject to access to the property. The reports are fully detailed, and photographs are taken to assist with the description.

Neil has been providing pre-purchase inspections since the late 1980s. We have REAL WORLD experience – NOT classroom experience!

The standard inspection and report encompasses the following:

Internal Areas:

  • Floors and Floor Coverings
  • Doors and Frames
  • Windows
  • Walls and Linings
  • Ceilings and Linings
  • Woodwork
  • Painting
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • En-suites
  • Shower Recesses
  • WC’s
  • Laundry
  • Cupboards
  • Electrical Installation
  • Plumbing Installation
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Fire Places

External Areas:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Flashings and Sills
  • Lintels
  • Walls
  • Painting
  • Roofing
  • Skylights
  • Vents
  • Flues and Chimneys
  • Fascia
  • Barge and Eaves
  • Valley Gutters
  • Guttering
  • Down Pipes
  • Verandahs
  • Porch and Patios
  • Balconies

Sub-floor Area:

  • Framing
  • Ant Caps
  • Piers/Stumps
  • Drainage
  • Plumbing
  • Ventilation

Roof Void:

  • Framing
  • Insulation
  • Sarking
  • Party Walls
  • Water Penetration
  • Rodent Activity


  • Outbuildings
  • Driveways
  • Paths
  • Clothesline
  • Letter Box
  • Water Meter and Water Pressure
  • Fences
  • Landscaping
  • Bushfire Hazards
  • Drainage

In addition to:

  • Materials used in construction.
  • Areas, rooms and buildings that were inspected.
  • Areas where no access or limited access was available.
  • Services and facilities.

We inspect units and include common areas. This is important as the Body Corporate or Owners’ Corporation may need to impose levies to carry out major repairs or upgrading.

Timber Pest Inspections

We are not Pest Control Inspectors or Operators.

Certainly, we can undertake a short course that will enable us to provide pest inspections and reports to our clients, and compliment our building inspections. However, Pest Control Inspection is a specialised area and the possession of an inspection accreditation does not make one an expert in that field. Therefore, we do not offer a Pest Control Inspection and Report as part of our package.

We can arrange for inspections by fully qualified pest control companies who also specialise in inspections with whom we have a close professional association. We discuss any common issues regarding our observations.

To ensure greater accuracy we seek reports and advice from two independent inspectors, so an accurate assessment of the premises can be made along with a list of recommended treatments if pests have been discovered.

Are you considering a Pest and Building Inspector?

If you are considering engaging a combined Pest and Building Inspector to carry out both inspections, be sure to ask:

Are they licensed and qualified to carry out any pest treatments?

Do they follow the Code of Practice of Pest Inspections?

building inspector pre purchase pre sale inspections

Buying? Or Selling?

With property prices increasing (and no end in sight), property buyers need to get the most value for their hard earned savings. Book a pre-purchase inspection and ensure you’re not falling into a money trap!

If you’re looking at selling, a pre-sale inspection can be used as a selling tool to help gain the maximum return for your current investment.

Contact Neil Wallace to organise an inspection for your property, and go to market armed with better knowledge of its value.



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